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accrual funds

Accrual funds: a great contrarian bet

The widening spread between accrual funds’ YTM and repo rate offer an attractive entry at the moment. Based on valuations, sentiments and industry flows, accrual schemes make a good buy at this juncture. Historically we have seen that whenever the spread between YTM and repo rate has been high, accrual schemes have given good risk-adjusted returns …

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duration funds

Time to take a call on duration funds

Debt mutual funds, broadly, follow one of the two strategies. One type of fund aims to make money out of predicting interest rate movements. Accordingly, it will buy and sell securities to have a particular maturity date of the portfolio. This strategy is called duration strategy. The second type of fund aims to invest in …

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indian stock markets

Terorist attacks & counter attacks

Positive profit growth outlook, steady mutual fund flows, reasonable valuations & inflation trajectory remaining stable augurs well for the markets. Low IIP numbers & GST collections though remain a concern. Short term investors should remain cautious as markets could be extremely volatile in the next couple of months leading up to the election outcome but any intermittent volatility should be used as an opportunity by patient investors with medium to long term outlook to accumulate good quality stocks

Indian equities 2018

2018- Reality check for indian equities

The year 2018 proved to be a tough one for Indian equities with the SENSEX clocking minor gains of 6% as against 28% in 2017. On the contrary the BSE 500 posted 3% negative return against a gain of 36% in 2017. For broader markets, the year proved a dampener as the BSE Midcap index plunged 13% and Small …

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Equity markets

Equity markets in election mood

Equity markets have largely been range bound over the last month between 10,200 and 10,800. Though frontline stocks have largely been in a range, mid & small cap stocks have continued on the downward trend. This has been specially been happening in PSU stocks. With Congress doing better than expected in the just concluded state …

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