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crude oil

Crude oil prices make markets slippery

Markets have largely been range bound over the last few months. Globally there have been tensions between USA-China followed by USA-Iran, Facebook data leak etc. which brought some nervousness to global markets. In India with BJP being largest party in elections in Karnataka markets could be trending positively but look for further cues in upcoming …

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market outlook

Market Outlook December 2017

The Indian markets have been range bound with NIFTY hovering between 10,000-10450 for over a month waiting for the next cue. The next cue could potentially be coming from Gujarat. Though symbolic how the current ruling party fares in the state could provide some indication to how BJP fares in the 2019 elections. A strong …

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Market Outlook in September 2017

The Indian markets have been range bound over the last month with NIFTY consolidating between 9700-10200. The current rally in Indian market is fuelled by strong liquidity from domestic investors. As strong inflows continue into domestic mutual funds reforms initiated by the Modi-led government reaffirm the faith of foreign investors in the India growth story …

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