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Debt Mutual Fund

Debt Mutual Fund: Duration Funds vs Accrual Funds

A debt mutual fund holds debt instruments, and these instruments pay a particular coupon (interest). An accrual strategy is holding a bond, earning the interest due, collect the principal at maturity and reinvest it in fresh bonds. Liquid funds, ultra-short term funds, short-term debt funds, income funds and credit opportunity funds primarily follow an accrual …

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What is driving liquidity in the markets?

The current rally in Indian market is fuelled by strong liquidity from domestic investors. With low bank fixed deposit rates, subdued real estate market (with high transaction cost) and stagnating gold prices, equities seems to be the most viable domestic investment avenue for investors. Thus in spite of the markets reaching all-time highs & rich …

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Liquid Fund

Liquid Fund vs Savings Account

There is no harm in maximizing returns, keeping safety and liquidity intact. The idea of keeping one’s emergency fund somewhere other than a savings account may not strike many, but it is an option worth exploring. A portion of our surplus money is often kept in a savings account to meet emergency expenses. While building an emergency …

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