How do you lose your Capital?

What is Capital? Capital is our hard-earned money which we save over the years. The next question thus is Why do we save? We save to meet our needs or goals in the future, or perhaps for contingency. Thus we invest the money we have with us instead of spending it, and wait for consumption for …

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interest rate

The interest rate dilemma

On 1st April 2017 the Government announced a 10 bps interest rate cut across all small savings schemes offered, from Senior Citizen Savings Schemes to Public Provident Fund and mind you this is not the first cut over the last year when the government decided to revise small savings rates every quarter depending on economic/market …

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Lehman Crisis

Things have changed since the Lehman Crisis crash in 2008

As evident from the table below we are far better off now in comparison with the Lehman Crisis crash in 2008. CAD, Fiscal Deficit, Forex Reserves & Inflation. Interest Rates & Import bill which are higher and declining with a significant fall in crude amongst other commodities. A possible current account surplus driven by a …

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