Lehman Crisis

Is India heading towards its own Lehman Crisis?

The burning topic today in India is about bank NPAs, NPA recovery especially from businessmen who have defrauded the banking system of crores of rupees & fled the country. As we complete 10 years of the Lehman Crisis, it seems we have not learnt any lessons from it though we must ensure that such a …

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SENSEX scaling new highs…

SENSEX crossed 38,000 for the first time ever on 9th August and the NIFTY also closed in on 11,500 levels as markets kept hitting new highs on a regular basis. The broader markets which took a beating over the last few months with many smaller companies falling by 25-30% are also gradually recovering.The current correction …

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crude oil

Crude oil prices make markets slippery

Markets have largely been range bound over the last few months. Globally there have been tensions between USA-China followed by USA-Iran, Facebook data leak etc. which brought some nervousness to global markets. In India with BJP being largest party in elections in Karnataka markets could be trending positively but look for further cues in upcoming …

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Fears of fresh escalation in Syria’s war coupled with compliance with a pledge by the OPEC cartel and Russia to limit production are pushing up global crude prices. Crude reserves have declined substantially on increased demand but there has not been any corresponding increase in supply. There are talks of Saudi Aramco, the leading crude …

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trade war

Will the US China trade war last?

Of late there has been tension brewing between the USA & China as they have been imposing tariffs & counter tariffs on imports from one another. But the real question is whether this trade war between the two countries will continue or will die a natural death. The background… The US trade deficit with China was $375 bn in 2017. The trade deficit exists …

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Crash course of overheated markets

As we draw close to the current financial year, markets have corrected ~10% from recent all-time high NIFTY of 11,171 touched on 29th January 2018. The markets & especially mid & small-caps were overvalued & some price rationalization is happening. The increasing trend in 10 year g-sec rates in both India & the USA are …

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budget 2018

Stocks to watch out for in budget-2018

The budget to be presented on 1st February 2018 will be unique in some aspects. With GST in place most parts of indirect taxation (other than customs, O&G sector etc.) is likely to stay outside the purview of the budget. Indirect tax impact on various industries & products has always been the talking point in …

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Budget 2018-19 expectations- LTCG on equity investments

Every year the issue of taxing long term capital gains (LTCG) on equities comes up before the budget. The government buckles and retains this tax exemption leading to a post budget stock market rally. Currently, if you purchase any shares through a stock exchange you have to pay securities transactions tax (STT). Collections from STT …

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